Racial Justice

White supremacy has tipped the scales of power and resulted in human rights violations and a constant flow of micro-aggressions for people of color, and all of us have a responsibility to eradicate white supremacy from our society. At Keystone Progress Education Fund, we work to bring research and resources to communities all over the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to work toward this effort.

Environmental Justice

Unchecked, deregulated capitalism has ravaged our communities, creating health crises and deeply harmful economic impacts for the poor, revoking the economic freedom of working class people, and creating media narratives that obstruct the flow of factual information from reaching the voting public. At Keystone Progress Education Fund, we are working to tip the balance of power in favor of people over corporate interests, so we can create communities that thrive instead of those that are just surviving.

Womxn’s Rights

Pay inequity, discrimination, gendered violence, not to mention the impact of right-wing policies on the bodies of those who are able to reproduce, are all forces that make it impossible for women and femmes to live equal lives to their male and masculine counterparts. At Keystone Progress Education Fund, we work to amplify the stories of these life experiences and create a reality in which those most impacted can get all the opportunities and freedoms they deserve.


SUpport An ABortion Rights Amendment
to the Pennsylvania Constitution